Mizuho Bank Europe Annual Report 2018

7 2018 ANNUAL REPORT 1.2 Our Vision and Strategy The Mizuho Group believes in delivering client-focused financial solutions for local and international businesses. Using financial solutions that evolve to meet changing needs, and forward-looking market intelligence, we create long-term opportunities for customers, employees and other stakeholders to thrive and grow. As a financial institution with a global presence, we value the long lasting relationships we have developed with our customers in Europe and around the world. We partner with our customers so that we can understand their needs and provide them with financial services that help them further their business needs and achieve sustainable growth to benefit the societies in which we operate. We aim to be the: To continuously provide the best leading-edge financial services to each of our customers, the related economies and societies we serve, by anticipating changes on both the global and local stages. BEST PROVIDER To be our customers’ most trusted partner with innovative thinking and the extensive financial experience and expertise accumulated from relationships with wide-ranging customers. MOSTTRUSTED To maximize our extensive expertise and collective capabilities as experienced financial services professionals in order to meet the diversified and changing needs of our customers, economies and societies. MOST COHESIVE These fundamental commitments support our primary role in bringing fruitfulness for each customer and the economies and the societies in which we operate. MBE’s vision within the context of the wider Mizuho Group is “to drive the success of our clients and advance the prosperity of the economies and societies of EMEA and beyond.” We work towards our vision by leveraging our unique position to provide the best financial solutions for our clients, committing to superior service at every step to help them achieve success. Pictured left-to-right: Eiji Katayama, Kenji Saito, Jens Pohland