Mizuho Bank Europe Annual Report 2018

29 2018 ANNUAL REPORT 3.8 Our Employees We are convinced that our employees have a significant contribution to the continuity and growth of our company. To understand our strengths and weaknesses as an organization, we ask our employees for input on our annual employee-survey. The results of this survey support MBE to further develop our organization in areas such as Corporate Culture, Human Capital and Operational Excellence. Besides hearing their voice through this annual survey, our employees can also impact the company by joining the Vision and Strategy Committee. This Committee has successfully implemented several initiatives to further improve our company. Management Changes As per 19 May 2018, Mr. Morival returned to MBE from his overseas assignment and was appointed to senior department head Strategy, Planning & Risk and IT & Data Management. Mr. Yorita completed his assignment as senior department head Planning & Risk Management on 31 May 2018. Mr. Ikematsu completed his assignment as Joint General Manager on 30 June 2018 and has been replaced by Mr. Katayama who started on 5 June 2018. Mr. Zeeman’s position is changed from department head IT & Facility Management to department head IT & Data Management per 1 July 2018. Mr. Witkamp is promoted from department head HR to senior department head HR and Facility Management. As of 1 December Mss. Jeurissen- Kohn resigned as our department head Legal & Compliance. Ms. Roeling is assigned to back fill this position on an interim basis with the intention to officially appoint her to department head Legal & Compliance per 1 July 2019. Promoting Diversity We believe in the sustainable benefits of having a diverse workforce. To empower diversity, Mizuho Bank in Tokyo committed to a Diversity and Inclusion Statement. We have incorporated this statement into our Employee Handbook. We also pursue an environment where we can further develop our diversity and we have started initiatives to further explore the opportunities for our employees to better manage their work-life balance. Given the high level of globalization in the business environment, we focus on maintaining a diverse composition of employees. A diverse workforce encourages diversity of thought and solutions, which we believe can ultimately help us better serve our customers and our internal and external stakeholders.