Marmoleum modular

Technical specifications Marmoleum Modular meets the requirements of EN-ISO 24011 MarmoleumModular lines, shade, marbled and colour MarmoleumModular textura and slate 1 Total thickness EN-ISO 24346 2.5 mm D Domestic: heavy EN-ISO 10874 Class 23 H Commercial: very heavy EN-ISO 10874 Class 34 K Light Industrial: heavy EN-ISO 10874 Class 43 ; Dimensions (length x width) EN-ISO 24342 50 x 25 cm / 50 x 50 cm / 100 x 25 cm 2 Squareness and straightness EN-ISO 24342 ≤ 0.35 mm 3 Residual indentation Typical value EN-ISO 24343-1 ≤ 0.15 mm ~ 0.05 g Castor chair continuous use EN 425 / ISO 4918 Suitable for office chairs with castors > Light fastness EN-ISO 105-B02 Method 3: blue scale minimum 6 5 Resistance to chemicals EN-ISO 26987 Resistant to diluted acids, oils, fats and to conventional solvents. Not resistant to prolonged exposure to alkalis * Bacteriostatic properties Marmoleum has natural bacteriostatic properties, which are confirmed by independent laboratories, even against the bacteria MRSA u Cigarette resistance EN 1399 Marks left on linoleum as a result of stubbed-out cigarettes can be removed [ Slip resistance DIN 51130 R9 R10 s Acoustical impact sound reduction EN ISO 717-2 ≤ 5 dB - Life Cycle Assessment LCA is the foundation for securing the lowest environmental impact Creating better environments renewable electricity Marmoleum is manufactured using 100% electricity from renewable sources. natural materials (e.g. linseed oil, rosin, wood flour, limestone) Marmoleum contains PEFC certified wood flour. reclycled content Marmoleum contains recycled content. e Application on underfloor heating yes Marmoleum meets the requirements of EN 14041 Reaction to fire EN 13501-1 C fl -s1, G, CS Slip resistance EN 13893 µ ≥ 0.30 Body voltage EN 1815 < 2 kV Thermal conductivity EN-ISO 10456 0.17 W/m·K ) Indoor Air Emissions: TVOC at 28 days EN 16516 < 0,05 mg/m 3 Content of specific dangerous substances EN 14041 Compliant, not actively added. All Forbo Flooring Systems’sales organisations worldwide have a certified Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001. All Forbo Flooring Systems’manufacturing operations have a certified Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO 14001. The Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Forbo Flooring Systems’products is documented in individual Environmental Product Declarations (EPD’s) which can be found on all of our websites. 31